Money Art Competition

The Brief

The aim of this competition is to overcome poverty through Money-Art by creating any piece of art related to the concept of money in a sustainable and feasible way. You have the opportunity to shift perceptions, societies and empower cultures to understand money, its power, its importance and the impact it has on our lives. The Money Festival team challenges YOU - everyone from around the globe to submit artwork expressing your relationship, your feelings towards money, your perception, your understanding of money, in creative, responsible and sustainable ways all with the chance of winning amazing prizes. In order to qualify your entry you must meet our marking criteria. All entries will be judged by the Money Festival Team under specific criteria. Then upon receiving all entries and deliberating the winners yes winner(s) - not one not two but FIVE will be announced. This is your chance to express yourself and feel empowered about money! Join the Money Festival 2020 Movement!