• Will my idea be stolen?

    Many people are worried about someone stealing their idea. In most cases this is counter intuitive. Unless you have a scientific discovery or new invention that could lead to a Patent, in which case you need to speak to a Patent Attorney, the best thing to do is showcase your idea to the world. Rarely will someone steal the idea until you prove it's worth stealing. As the saying goes "it's all in the execution". Fortunately Ideas Nest has been designed so it captures the commercial aspects of the idea, the What, rather the the intellectual property, the How. Additionally, you can set your Idea to 'Private' and only share the url with people you trust or with an NDA in place.

  • Why are you different to other business incubators?

    IdeasNest is NOT a traditional incubator. The platform is open to the the general public, who have ideas and wish to share them. However, we have private Nests for incubators and organisations who wish to keep ideas within their own ecosystem. The main purpose of IdeasNest is to provide a framework for people to showcase their ideas and validate them with customer profiles. This saves time and money building products nobody wants.

  • How much will it cost me to join IdeasNest?

    Joining is free. Showcasing ideas is free. There is a small $25 one off fee to learn how to validate ideas and access the toolkit to run validation experiments. The biggest reason for startup failure in no customer/market need.

  • Is my personal data safe?

    Rest assured we keep all data very secure and will never pass it on to a third party without your consent. IdeasNest is based in the UK and adheres to all data protection requirements under GDPR. At any stage you can let us know if you wish us to close your account and destroy any data about you we might hold.

  • I’m not 18 yet. Does that stop me applying with ideas?

    Not at all. However, we do need to have approval from a parent or guardian.

  • I’m not a UK resident. Does that stop me submitting ideas?

    No, we welcome ideas from everywhere and everyone. However, IdeasNest is registered in the UK, and that’s where the relevant law will be applied.

  • What happens after I’ve submitted my idea?

    Your idea will then be visible on the website, main nest for other members to review, add their comments and get in touch with you directly, unless you change the privacy setting to Private.

  • What’s to stop someone looking at my idea and then going away and doing their own thing?

    Unless you have intellectual property protection, there is nothing to stop people from stealing your idea. A good rule of thumb is to present the Why part of your idea and What it solves commercially. Avoid going into detail about How it works. This problem is mainly for technological inventions or scientific discoveries. In most cases it's difficult enough to get people interested in your ideas, let alone steal them. There are millions of ideas floating around claiming to be the next big thing. It's all in the execution not coming up with the original idea. Business almost never make money from the original idea. It needs to be molded to the customer and pivoted to a greater or lesser extent before it is customer/market ready, so best not to worry about hiding your idea and focus on getting it out there so you can get feedback and mold it to customer needs.

  • If I have any ideas, issues or complaints relating to IdeasNest, what should I do?

    We take all feedback – good or bad – very seriously. If you have any issues, contact help@ideasnest.co.uk

  • What if I have another question, not answered here?

    Just email us at help@ideasnest.co.uk, and we’ll be happy to help.