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Idea Overview:
The problem I wish to solve is the impasse in the deal/no deal debate. We accept that BREXIT is to occur. As leader of the ruling party, I would propose a government of national unity. This would require prior identification of a significant portion of the opposition party in favour of the proposed (May) deal; enough (if possible) to outnumber the DUP and ERG. This group would be offered recognition as a new (break-away) party for the purposes forming a coalition of national unity to work on BREXIT/POST-BREXIT. The complete ERG would have the party whip removed on the basis of their obsessive and counter-productive obstruction. The coalition of national unity (in effect a potential new party in its own right – conservative-socialists party: CSP?) would take forward the post-BREXIT negotiations under the leadership of the (NEW) deputy PM (to be identified from the newly formed coalition partner). This would leave the PM to push forward with non-BREXIT issues. This solution would push forward with BREXIT; ensure the Business of Running Britain is not forgotten; and offer a badly-needed reshaping of British Political Politics.

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