Idea Overview:
Everybody poops. Many of us like to read at the same time. I met some of my favourite books in my grandmother's bathroom where she kept a loo library. My idea is born from the times when I was so bored and desperate for something to read in the loo that I would read the labels on bottles or the writing on the plastic wrapping on the multi-pack loo rolls. Why not have loo rolls with books printed on them? Not necessarily entire novels - unless we could get Game of Thrones - cos that would be awesome and I can testify they are perfect bog books as they can be read in snippets very enjoyably. But definitely excerpts of novels / short stories / poetry / flash fiction / sci-fi / horror etc etc. Imagine the bliss of discovering a new writer or learning a new fact and being able to tell someone about how you found them while on the loo. The punning opportunities alone are enough to fill me with glee. I can't be the only person who would love this? Be honest you are seeing vast possibilities here and wondering why this hasn't been done already. I know I am. This idea doesn't need five hundred words. It is fun. It makes sense. People would love it. You might say I'm on a roll with this one ;)

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