Idea Overview:
To create a platform that redefines the indie comic industry. Working with the creators to produce quality content that sells without forcing them into a schedule that burns them out and discards them after a few years. I have almost a decade of indie comic experience and I understand what makes a creator tick. I will be creating a platform that bridges the gap between creator products and the indie consumer base that wants them.
Who might use it/where it might be used?:
Comic creators who are working on their craft with the intent of earning income in their passion. They will submit their pitches to the company while others are scouted by the company itself. It will be an online platform that also ties in with Kickstarter to sell their products as they are created. Customers who are used to spending more on average for indie products will be targeted with ad campaigns and Kickstarter campaigns. The average Kickstarter backer spends more than the average customer for regular comics and is already in the mindset that they want to help the indie platform succeed and understand costs are higher than that of a traditional publisher. They will be added to an email list and informed of new updates and sales going on.
The Market (B2B, B2C or Both):
Business to Consumers (B2C)
Sector the idea belongs to:
Craft industries
Is there a similar idea to be found?:
Hive works is a company that is doing something very similar to us. They are making websites for creators to post their work on and allowing consumers to view their product and buy it on their storefront. But that is all. There are no Kickstarters or focused emails that I have found that bring in high $ paying customers to those platforms. Webtoon is a very common platform for this field but they only focus on webcomics and not as much on physical sales. they do the chapter buy method for creators and also promote their works but again Kickstarters are Creator ran only and they are expanding in a way that leaves more creators in the dust when trying to promote themselves.
Why you think there is a demand for your idea?:
Creators are crying out every day about the problems that plague their community. Most don't know how to market themselves and those that do get "Lucky" enough to join Webtoons or other platforms that sell their content usually do so without understanding how demanding the contract is. They end up burning out and being discarded by those companies. Consumers are looking for quality stories that are not the same thing they see all the time. They want to see experimental series and help the creators they like. Many other indie startups have tried doing what I am doing but all have failed because they either didn't understand the solution to the problem, Didn't care about actually solving it or they were seeking to exploit creators who were new and wanted an opportunity in the field. I have talked with 100s of creators in my time as an indie comic creator and I have heard them loud and clear. This is not only wanted its needed in the indie field.
Who would be the ideal customers?:
Our customer is one who often has a habit of spending money on quality merchandise from a series or story they really like. They often frequent Kickstarter and back for some sort of physical product and are often seen spending more than the average customer on competitor sites. They are the customers who would go to a convention just to get a special edition of a comic and often have a habit of collecting certain items from a creator they like. They will usually subscribe to a Patreon of a creator to show their appreciation if they can’t buy something from them right away and never have a problem spending $.50 to unlock a chapter. The customer that we are targeting are people who love anime and manga and indie titles and are frequently on Webtoons or other adjacent platforms at least once a day. They tend to have multiple series they are reading and keep up to date with most of them and if they forget about one they like they will usually binge the new chapters.
What ideas do you have to reach these customers?:
Kickstarters bring in emails constantly and with my skills in Kickstarter I can easily convert those emails into returning paying customers. Conventions are another great way to bring in emails in the first convention I ran a booth at I was able to collect over 150 emails in just a few hours with my in-person marketing skills. I will be bringing on a marketing lead who is skilled in showcasing creators and really understands the market and I will be using targeted advertising campaigns to bring in more emails from people in our target audience. I will be gathering Co-Founders and contractors alike to make sure that marketing is our primary objective that way the creators who join our group can focus on creating the best content they can without worrying about getting it seen.
How far have you developed this idea?:
I have talked with multiple business experts who double as mentors and after 1-2 hour meetings with them, I have been told that I understand my audience and the problem I want to solve. I have been given high praise by every professional I have talked to in meetings with this idea as well as valuable information to think about and research in order to make this idea come to life. Many creators have jumped on board with this idea and want to see it fully realized as soon as possible. while a few creators have expressed their concern with the idea but those creators have had a tendency to have been burned in the past by predatory companies spouting this idea. I know once I have the team and the website made I will be able to convince them that this is a worthy investment.
What – if any – feedback have you had for this idea so far?:
I have had resounding praise for this idea and not only the idea but the length of which I have researched and narrowed down my view on it. No business professional I have met so far has given me anything but guidance on how to make this happen. Connections are being made and refinement of the idea is daily. I am taking all the information I am given and researching how best to present the idea to Co-Founders and advisors that I meet.
What supporting material – if any - would you like to add to your proposal?:
A company that tried to do what I am doing now but without a proper structure, direction, or actual solution to the real problem. Most people trying to make this happen are all passionate but have no research or business sense and that is why I believe this one did not succeed. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/comixcentral#/faq In a Twitter post, the above group attributed the idea that no one is buying physical books anymore but that is far from true. Here is proof. https://comicyears.com/pop-culture/2021-print-book-sales-print/ More proof that sales are increasing rapidly and don't really seem to be going down. Now is the time to make indie comic creators more well-known! https://www.comicsbeat.com/report-graphic-novel-sales-were-up-65-in-2021/

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