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One More Chapter shows you all the chapters of the books laid out with their title and listen time. Think of it like the book version of an album - you can download an individual chapter, or bundle of chapters (e.g chapters 1-6). Depending on the size of the book, chapters could be priced individually (much as a song would be), or - in cases where chapters vary widely in length - sold in small bundles so that each download is is a similar listening time. Once you’ve listened to a chapter, you can choose to remove it from your library to free up space. It should be easy to re-download the chapter for re-reads. There should be an option to write a small note to yourself by each chapter, to jog your memory (e.g ‘this is where he has to cut his own arm off). How One More Chapter would work: Pricing To maintain goodwill, it’s vitally important that each chapter/chapter bundle be priced the same throughout that one book (i.e the latter chapters shouldn’t cost more). It would be key to hit on a price that would be strongly appealing to the customer while not putting the publisher at a loss. Most likely, the price would not be standard across all books, but worked out so the RRP of the book is spread across the chapter/chapter bundle prices. The first chapter or chapter bundle should be free. Other things to keep in mind: For Non-Fiction & Short Story anthologies: each individual story could be priced higher than an individual chapter as its a whole into itself. Could have the option of ‘extras’, where the author gives commentary about a chapter, or does a Q&A (think T. Swift’s ‘Voice Memos’ on 1989 Extended, and the Waterstones Exclusive version of N. Shusterman’s The Toll, where he comments on the reasoning behind each chapter). Could use classic books: out of copyright, & often used for school texts so the ‘extras’ could take the place of a literature guide. Some academic ebooks are already giving people the option of downloading just one chapter of a book. Could link up with Audiobooks.com for this - they’re inventive & would be something Audible doesn’t have Audiobooks take up a lot more space on your device than an ebook (32GB can hold ‘1k+ e-books’ and ‘150 Audiobooks). Runtimes of audiobooks can be overwhelming. Audiobooks are more expensive than trad. books, especially if you can’t commit to a monthly membership. This automatically prices out people with low disposable income, who’re the most likely to not have the luxury to sit & read.

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  1. Simon Krystman - January 2, 2020 at 8:56 am Reply

    This opens up many different options for people who cant afford to purchase the full book or people just wanting to try the book. It even gives authors the opportunity to start making money before the book is finished and have crowdsourced feedback along the way.

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