Idea Overview:
Hi Bridgette Johnson former preschool teacher of 22 years. I want to bridge the gap of Kindergarten readiness. In Kentucky only 44% of our children are ready for Kindergarten. I have a 98.7 success rate in getting children ready for Kindergarten. I help children who struggle to learn the traditional way. I have Play and Learn Toys that need to be protyped .
Who might use it/where it might be used?:
Children 4 to 6 could use my Play and Learn Toys. They can be used indoors or outdoors. They have s musical component to them. I am DJ b.J. The Rapping School Teacher
The Market (B2B, B2C or Both):
Sector the idea belongs to:
Is there a similar idea to be found?:
I have researched it looks like there might be something for adults but not children 4 to 6 .
Why you think there is a demand for your idea?:
I have been in preschool for 22 years. Kids are bored exhibiting challenging behaviors because of boring curriclum not enough opportunities for the children to create thier own realites. Yes . We need more products that engage children and will bridge the gap of 44% of children in KY are ready for Kindergarten.
Who would be the ideal customers?:
Parents Teachers Childcare Centers Schools Homeschools.
What ideas do you have to reach these customers?:
Social Media Newspapers Educational companies Direct marketing Amazon Educational shows Youtube Catalogs
How far have you developed this idea?:
I have talked to a toy company they said my toys doen't fot their line. I talked to an inventor he said there are somethings that would be similisr in nature..
What – if any – feedback have you had for this idea so far?:
I have not shared with lots of people but in inventors groups. They feel like kids would bebfit from mmy ideas . They gave me advice and told me to keep going by finding comapnies that will license my products
What supporting material – if any - would you like to add to your proposal?:
Can we sign an NDF first????

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  1. Simon Krystman - May 13, 2024 at 6:27 am

    My advice would be NOT to find companies to license your products or get them prototyped. This could all be a waste of time if you are unable to establish evidence that people will buy them. Data such as email addresses of people in a waitlist for your products is evidence. Even better data is people re-ordering your products.