Idea Overview:
Idea: 3-6 books published per year that heavily use QR codes in books and connect to their own Social Media platform. Books chosen for the Quirky Readers Book Club should ideally be quite short (possibly novellas, maybe even created specifically for the club), and commercial rather than literary. It would be great if they could be cheaper than a normal book, too, as a sort of equivalent to the £1 Kids books you see on World Book Day (though likely priced higher). The first QR code in the book takes you to a website/app page where you have to create a username or log-in. Assuming GDPR is okay with it, could also take other data that would be useful for targeted advertising. You should be able to use the same username/login across books, and gain badges, incentives and discounts. A QR code at the beginning of each chapter in the book. You scan it, and it takes you to the app/website where various stats are listed for the following chapter: content warnings, page count, how others have rated this chapter. There’s also a forum specific to that chapter where you can talk about the book so far, so you don’t have to muddle about figuring out if you’re talking about the same part of the book. If you’re reading the book with friends/a club of your own, there’s the option to generate a unique code that you can share with others. This creates another tab/page that has a private forum for just people you know. As well as the above stats/forum, there could be extra info from the author (similar to the highlighted notes feature in GoodReads). If the book was a Film or TV tie-in editions, there could also be extra info from actors or directors. The extra info could be the form of written content, audio or visual. Another possibility is that the books written could be tied in to popular TV shows that don’t typically have books associated with them, such as Soaps and Reality TV (though in this case, ‘Quirky Readers Book Club’ likely wouldn’t be a fitting title).

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