Idea Overview:
How many pearls can you take, before you wake the snapping oyster Has you take it in turns, to put your hand into the oyster to retrieve the pearls, not knowing when it will snap on you Great sound effects, from the snap creating a shock value every time played
Who might use it/where it might be used?:
2-player, ages from 4 years of age and up, family fun, it’s quick, keeping the excitement 14 pearls are marble like, 2 made from an magnet attractor, but all pearls are coloured in pearl colours so you can not tell which is which No batteries needed, keeping the learning at the for front,
The Market (B2B, B2C or Both):
Business to Consumers (B2C)
Sector the idea belongs to:
Why you think there is a demand for your idea?:
This is what the games are about now, advertised on tv are games of this sort, this is such a simple product/Toy/game great for 30 seconds ad, this is the right time The game play/effect is massive, creating a tense moments as you put your fingers in to retrieve the pearls, creating a surprise element every time with out “fail”
Who would be the ideal customers?:
Parents, gifts for children but also I feel, if you can get the parents /buyers to like it, “getting value” from this product, will help them decide to take it of the shelf’s
What ideas do you have to reach these customers?:
Gifts, Xmas, birthdays, YouTube, letting children see it working, and the excitement It is designed with Tv ad in mind, 30 seconds Snapping oyster : how many pearls can you take before waking the snapping oyster….explains it self
How far have you developed this idea?:
I was asked where I got my engineering skills from, when a potential investor seen it
What – if any – feedback have you had for this idea so far?:
Amazing….! It is so reactive, every person I show, says it is very clever and good Shown to 3 major Toy companies, said was good but not what they was looking for at this moment
What supporting material – if any - would you like to add to your proposal?:
Full prototype done and working, also have a ad/video showing game in play

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