Idea Overview:
A new way to discover stories and spark a reading for pleasure habit. An app with regular stories that can be read or listened to in 10 mins to help kick start a reading for pleasure habit. Organised by trends, newsworthy reads, as well as what the reader wants to feel, learn or discover, breaking away from a traditional book categorisation. Tapping into today’s consumer behaviours to help them make reading for pleasure part of their lives. The facts: 12milllion – the number of adults who want to read, but cite ‘not having enough time’ as a barrier. 62,000 - the number of words we read per day scrolling on our smart phones – the equivalent of reading The Great Gatsby. 10 minutes of reading a day is a recognised way to help build literacy and reading for pleasure approach Consumers are reading more every day, more than ever before and want to get back in to reading for pleasure, they will buy books for holiday when they believe they have time to read, but perceive this as a barrier to do it regularly. Yet consumers all read on their phones. Spending hours getting lost down scrolling rabbit holes is normalised behaviour. The solution: Stories in 10 Is a new channel to connect stories with readers. 10 minute stories as well as books sliced in to reading packs of multiple 10 minute segments. Actually read The Great Gatsby in a pack of 20, 10 mins reads. Offering stories in this way makes reading frictionless and creates a rabbit hole of stories to get lost down. The landscape: Finish-ability and tracking is key to creating a regular reading audience, and crucially helping to spark or reignite a reading for pleasure habit. As humans, when we feel we’ve accomplished something ( that finish-ability feeling) and we can measure progression, we feel positive about that experience and we crave it– making us return for more. It makes us form a habit. Today's consumers expect and want their needs to be met quickly. Being able to bring this demand and expectation together in the app to create regular measurable achievements for readers is where opportunity lies. This approach that has helped spark habits across other industries like health - helping to create habits from meditation to workouts. The app is enabler of change to help consumers spark a regular reading for pleasure habit. Busting the ‘no time’ myth and making stories accessible and reading a regular part of today’s consumers’ lives and ultimately back into books and reading for pleasure.

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  1. Simon Krystman - January 2, 2020 at 9:23 am Reply

    This would work really well for today’s short attention span. Many people are only interested in committing 10 mins at a time to reading. This would be a good gateway for people to commit more time.

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