Idea Overview:
This idea will create and promote a new social media hashtag that encourages reading for pleasure throughout the year, called the #dailyline. The concept is simple – people screenshot or type out their favourite line/sentence they’ve read that day as a post on their preferred social media platform, tagging the book title and author. In a world where we spend so much time on our phones, tablets and computers, this hashtag will encourage people scrolling through their social media feed to put their device down and pick up the book they’re currently reading – so that they can join in too. The hashtag’s aim is to have a long-lasting effect – to share and develop a love of reading, and build an online #dailyline community. It also has the added benefit of promoting books and authors who are tagged in the posts, thus supporting and growing the book industry’s social media presence. #dailyline would use well-known authors, celebrities and influencers to promote the hashtag, and choose a specific day to launch the hashtag in order to create a powerful initial impact. The crowdfunding campaign would offer pinbadges and totebags as rewards, which would in turn help to publicise the hashtag and encourage people to read for pleasure throughout the year.

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