Idea Overview:
This idea extends the concept introduced by Daunt Books, where backlist titles are arranged on shelves according to their association to specific countries. In these bookshops, the country sections are organised in alphabetical order; the books within each country section are arranged alphabetically by subject (fiction and non-fiction) and then, within each genre, by alphabetical order of author name. Daunt's brand USP can be adapted so that the top-level countries are replaced by popular hits in other media. For example, here are the most popular movies, TV shows and music albums in the UK for mid October 2019: • Film (box office): JOKER • TV drama (ratings): DUBLIN MURDERS • TV non-fiction (ratings): EAT WELL FOR LESS? • Pop music album: EVERYTHING NOT SAVED WILL BE LOST PT 2 by Foals Taking JOKER as a case-study, there are opportunities for online and bricks-and-mortar retailers to curate and cross-promote books on the key-word themes of this movie: e.g. #StandUpComedy; #MentalHealth; #Clowns; #TheNatureOfFame; #NewYorkCity (aka Gotham City); #SerialKillers; #SelfEsteem. There is a symbiotic relationship between JOKER and books on topics covered by the movie; cross-promotion would increase the popularity of the film and the tie-in books whilst simultaneously providing a cultural package that explores the underlying themes of the movie in depth. This idea elevates the tie-ins books to the cultural Zeitgeist level of the popular hit (JOKER, in my example) by providing contextual understanding. So, by osmosis, people can reconnect with reading books for pleasure, to make better sense of the other media choices they enjoy.

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