Airport Passes Business Travellers

Validating whether business travellers who have not been provided with Fast Track by an airline would purchase it on a flight by flight basis.

Idea Overview

Passengers currently have to purchase Fast Track passes for airports (or be allocated them by airlines) for departure and arrival. However, frequently the queues at Security are negligible, so the purchase is wasteful. 'Airport Zoom' is an app which allows the user to choose when they want to use Fast Track, and pay for it as and when they use it.

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

Frequent travellers are aware of the vagaries of travel, and that airport security on arrival and departure can be difficult to gauge. Buying Airport Zoom allows them to pay for the service ONLY when it would be of benefit - Pay As You Use. That would therefore INCREASE the use of Fast Track at airports, reduce queues elsewhere, and allow the user to feel they are getting value for money.

Why is there a demand?

As a frequent traveller (weekly flights) I understand the issue of predicting demand. I do not buy Fast Track because I cannot guarantee that it will be of benefit. I would, however, pay for this app - on a Pay As You Use basis.

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