For all consumers.

Counter King is a quick way to prep for meals .
This is an easy machine to work with. It is for most people who have to prepare a small
portion to a large portion of a meal.

Idea Overview

COUNTER KING Is a 15 task small kitchen counter top appliance. It does all the common food prep task in one appliance. Mixing / Food Processing / blending / Slicing / all size can opener / Remote scrub brush/ submersion blender/ 2 blue tooth speakers. Also a cooling fan for user comfort. and a self storage compartment .for all the accessory pieces. The VALUE is obvious , saves counter top space. No need to buy other food prep appliances. Great for RV'S / apartments / dorms etc.

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

This is a consumer product. The design itself will attract the consumer when walking the appliance isle. The amount of time someone can spend in front of this unit, a little music wouldn't hurt. Even the cooling fan is a plus. Both the fan and speakers can be used with of without using the machine. Great gift idea and also for people who don't use a mixer or blender every day. But the still need food prep machines either way.

Why is there a demand?

The Small appliance industry speaks for itself. Obviously that's where this novel product fits in. The design ( retro style) a new twist with different features.

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