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Idea Overview

If you have an idea, where should you store it safely? What parts of the idea should you store and is there a template to store it in? How do I addrss my Intellectual Property and should I use an NDA when sharing it? How can I share my idea securely with an NDA and know who I’ve shared it with and who has accepted my NDA? Why not create a secure Vault to store and share ideas that provides solutions to these questions.

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

The Vault might be very useful to creators, inventors, artists and people with ideas to start a business.

Why is there a demand?

There is a lack of knowleage and confidence in intellectual property and a distrust of sharing ideas incase the IP is stolen. I believe that there is a demand for storing your ideas in a secure place and being able to prove that you came up with it when you did and can make an informed choice about sharing your idea.

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