Let's get your API off the ground. Easily build and deliver a JSON:API in minutes. Define your models, build your database, and get authentication running with just a few minutes of your time. No coding required!

Idea Overview

Building fast and consistent APIs from scratch is hard. Especially when you're working on building out UI's, managing clients, and growing a product. Let us quickly build your JSON:API for you. When you're ready, export the code, database, and configuration to build the API to scale.

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

We'd like to partner with start ups, dev shops, and developers who consistently build API's for the work they deliver. This tool will work great for folks who build micro services and want to spin up endpoints quickly and efficiently.

Why is there a demand?

1. People are constantly spinning up API's and it has become increasingly common to build specific endpoints for specific front ends or specific microservices. 2. A lot of people struggle to build consistent API's that are easy to use. 3. Building backends is a time-consuming process. But the end result is usually approximately the same in many instances.

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