Inspirational quotes – a peaceful existence for all

I have an idea that is going to empower individuals who are looking for inspiration in order to manage life challenges.

We are living in times and there is stress everywhere. We all seek new and innovative ways of escape, or to simply handle external pressures. Inspirational quotes provide a quick and timely burst of wisdom to get our focus back, offering the inspiration needed for the moment. Often a quote can offer inspiration when our normal motivation has lapsed or has been distorted by environmental factors.

Inspirational or motivational quotes capture and appeal to the subconscious mind. These quotes may instantaneously change our entire thought process, directing our energies towards a positive path. Generally, inspirational quotes take a few seconds to digest; yet, the messages they contain are quite important and may propel us for months or even years. When feeling depressed or down motivational and inspirational quotes will prove invaluable in refocusing the mind and enabling us to reflect, dissect and re-engineer key aspects of our lives with a view to achieving a peaceful existence.

Please help me understand if I am on the right track.”

Idea Overview

The world is going through unprecedented times where people are having to self-isolate and keep their distance from loved ones. The gifting of Inspirational cards, quotes, posters and inspirational wall art is a way to touch and to convey warm sentiments. It is also a way to stimulate reflection and to teach valuable lessons that are not obvious to many.

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

This idea For business - these quotes can be used to stimulate critical analysis and teambuilding For individuals - these quotes can be used for purposes of reflection and to make sense of the world and of one's feelings.

Why is there a demand?

Stress is the order of the day and even with the best efforts, it often takes hold and so we all seek new and innovative ways of escape, or to simply handle this pressure. The mental health of many is under threat as they try to make sense of their feelings and of the world around them. It is often the case that we feel isolated to deal with our problems, or complex situations as friends or family tend to be unavailable when needed. Often this is not through a lack of care or affection, but simply because their lives too are full, or punctuated with similar dramas.

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