My idea for the new market of Emergency Preparedness

The establishment of the Take Cover would directly address this growing concern of Emergency Preparedness in a new era of storms and tornadoes that develop into
historic and deadly strength within minutes or hours. Scientists and researchers now agree that the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change have drastic effects on social vulnerability, sea level rise risk, and historical flooding. Infrastructures around the globe are often now severely damaged when faced with these destructive forces and human lives are placed in peril. Individuals are now trusting the science instead trusting the lies of political leaders and big business. So many lives have been lost due to the spreading of the Big Lie or Hoax, but now a world-wide community has emerged that believes in the science. A community that understands that our past actions and failures has lead to the pollution of our planet. The Change of our Climate is the result of that pollution. In the meantime, what we are now witnessing are Intensification of deadly storms and viruses. We all pray the effects of Climate Change can be reversed but for now we are faced with these deadly consequences. When now, something as simple as wearing a mask and having a Take Cover can save so many lives...

Idea Overview

The Take Cover is an innovation born out of need and reflects the reality that natural disasters have and will continue to happen due to Climate Change.

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

Although there are industry giants such as Stearns, Body Glove and Mustang Survival, their products focus on the swimming and boating communities by providing such products as life preservers, pool floats, and swim noodles. The solution the Take Cover provides is a common sense approach toward survival and having it handy as people conduct their daily routines.

Why is there a demand?

Those living in regions prone to flash floods, earthquakes, tornadoes or tsunamis should all have a Take Cover in their home emergency kits. In the Bible, Noah said, "When the people came they offered no help, all he could hear was laughter, until it started to rain..."

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