Looking for feedback on my marketplace idea

Idea Overview

Niche e-commerce marketplace platform for Self care and ethically made products from Certified Trusted Brands - Promoting content around the culture of self-care and well-being - Skin-care products (Ethically made) - Hair care products (Ethically made) - Beard care products (Ethically made Beard oils and kit) - Candles and Bath Bombs (Ethically made) - Herb Tea so you can enjoy a nice cup of tea while you're lounging Ensuring all products are made ethically

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

A B2C e-commerce marketplace - It will have a section view for smaller sellers/brands; Where users who are small brands or freelance sellers who would like to use the platform to sell their Self-care or wellbeing based product

Why is there a demand?

it’s not too soon to say that the COVID-19 global pandemic will likely be one of the defining events of 2020, and that it will have implications that last well into the decade. The situation is rapidly changing; Restaurants, bars, movie theatres, and gyms and nonessential businesses are being ordered/pressured to close to mitigate the impact of the C-19 Limiting shopping for all but necessary essentials is becoming a new normal. Brands are having to adapt and be flexible to meet changing needs and adjust to meet technological needs With everyone staying in-doors due to the Pandemic, the use of online stores have sky-rocketed - The need for 'niche e-commerce marketplaces' will also rise; as well as breaking the monopoly that Amazon and E-bay have on the market.

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