Babadapt / starbeatz

I have the following idea that I think is applicable for a child's multifunctional stimulating that grows and adapts sooths comforts and entertains and is educational .

Idea Overview

Babadapt!!!... a multifunctional programmable toy that benefits the needs for children and parents/carers especially when you can't be with there to comfort them!!! this toy can keep you connected and grows with the baby/child's needs of development from soothing to educational needs healing through sound waves frequencies 528hz 423hz working with the latest technologies ??? keeping in touch with loved ones by sending their own personal messages singing or telling them a story options of what you program the to do.

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

Nicu, nursery, travelling, schools, homes.

Why is there a demand?

I ve found a multifunctional toy innovation like this will be revolutionary to help parents carers distract educate soothe and comfort and with some scientific knowledge to back up healing possibilities. To stay connected through technology personalised by parents to what the baby/child likes/needs when you can't be there physically at all times toy can have anti loss tracker fitting save on waste I believe every child could benefit from a toy that grows with them like this!!! ???

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