Ubi – B2B University Research Platform – Page for Universities

It is a platform that connects businesses and universities for research

Idea Overview

A B2B University Research platform that will connect businesses to universities for research partnerships, knowledge exchange, innovation, consultancy services and licensing. The universities will upload details on research projects, information on research teams and the funding amount required. Businesses will register their interests based on their business strategy. The platform will make the connection and facilitate the matching through an AI algorithm. Other features of the platform will be: Communication tools (video calls, messaging), Progress info/ updates, Trends on different research topics and Due Diligence.

Who Might Use It/Where It Might Be Used

The platform will be used by universities (Business Relationship Managers, Development Officers) and businesses (Business Development, Strategy Head, Scientists). The use of the platform will be for opening up opportunities for research partnerships between academia and industry and for licensing of university research by businesses. The partnerships will be on research projects funded by industry and on research outsourced by businesses to universities.

Why is there a demand?

- Focus for Innovation by UK Government - Brexit will cause a demand for University research funding - University research can be a driving force for business development

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